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Sicily is a 17 year old musician, dancer and singer/songwriter who loves to perform her own original music.  Besides dreaming of becoming a pop star, Sicily's biggest goal in life is to help find a cure for the disease that ails her, Cystic Fibrosis (CF).  Sicily’s songs are often about living with CF,  but most everyone can relate to her inspirational lyrics and apply them to their own lives.

An admirable fact about this young talent's work is that every penny of every song download and concert proceeds Sicily makes go directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to help find a cure for CF.  To date, she has raised over $24,000 with her 2020-2021 music fundraising.  In spite of the hours of treatments, medicines, and all the other challenges that coincide with living with CF, Sicily is singing and overcoming all the things she has to do in hopes to inspire many of her generation. 

Sicily’s first singles Long Gone Memory and I Can Make It were released February 2020 and May 2020 respectively.  "Long Gone Memory" was released on National Rare Disease Day. The song is a catchy optimistic anthem that speaks to Sicily’s hope that someday CF will be a "Long Gone Memory!"   “I Can Make It’ is a song with an inspiring message, especially for young women, that you can do anything you put your heart into, no matter how big the dream.

On November 6, 2020, Sicily’s birthday, she released a new song “Something For You,” a collaboration with her dad and co-writer Matty and producer Max LaMont.  The song is a thank you to all people who are doing good in the world and the video features the trio handing out flowers, in masks, to bring smiles in a pandemic.   

"I Am" is Sicily's first release of 2021. It is a song that speaks to the burdens of daily life with cystic fibrosis. Specifically how difficult and time consuming daily treatments can be. Conversely, it also conveys a positive message listeners can relate to. That in spite of the challenges, if you remain optimistic and thankful, you can overcome anything!

Thank you for checking out and please download her music and help Sicily make CF stand for "Cure Found."

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